Find our pre-order bags here.
The principle: you buy a product which is not yet
made. At the end of the pre-order period,
we launch production, upon receipt,
we deliver to you.

Our models on pre-order

Models on pre-order until October 8.
Delivery scheduled for December 15, perfect for the holidays.


To produce the right quantities.

To reduce the risks of stocks and unsold items that do not fit with our vision of fair prices, without sales.

To associate you with our new products: bags that are not successful in pre-ordering are not produced. No unnecessary fabrications!

Sac Nine en cuir lisse jaune acide
Sac Nine en cuir lisse jaune acide

How it works ?

The 4 steps of your pre-order.

The 4 steps of pre-ordering

The 4 steps of pre-ordering

#1 Pre-order sales take place over a two-week period. You pay for your item when pre-ordering, with a 20% discount.

What does that change for you?

This is a product made for you, and you alone.
Your purchase is committed, far from the approach of a fashion that is too quickly renewed... and thrown away.
And then you save money!

If during the waiting period, you continue to hesitate between colors: contact us, we are here to advise you.